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bekijk hier video’s en podcasts over een diversiteit van onderwerpen.

Video’s en Podcasts

Bekijk hier de video’s en Podcasts van en over Stichting Soka. Hier zijn video’s verzameld die gepresenteerd zijn tijdens een van onze events of waar wij van verwachten dat deze waardevol zijn om te delen. Heeft u vragen over de video’s? Geef uw vraag door, wij geven u graag antwoord.

Podcast 01

100 jaar Zonnewende

Presentatie deel 1

Beluister hier de Podcast van Marcel Teunissen over De Bazel en Zonnewende.


Our Footprint; current situation and way out

Presentation by ir. Siebe Boersma about Our Footprint; current situation and way out.

Seminar Energy & Climate Change

Stichting Soka, 18 September 2021

Perspectives on Global Energy

Perspectives on Global Energy by dr. Chippla Vandu.

Seminar Energy & Climate Change

Stichting Soka, 18 September 2021

Building sustainable impact through dialogue

Building sustainable impact through dialogue.

Christy Aikhorin, moderator seminar Energy & Climate Change.

Stichting Soka, 18 September 2021


Leadership is service 2021 by Caroline Richelle

Leadership is service

Caroline Richelle, Press Officer at the Representation of the European Commission in The Netherlands, will give a presentation on “Personal leadership and communication in a European context”. Caroline will refer to her professional experience in Media & Strategic Communication in The Hague and Brussels and will discuss the importance of taking cultural and language differences into account.

Online Seminar Personal Leadership – SOKA – 06-02-2021

Lead by example 2021 by stichting Landmerk

Presentation about Leadership by stichting Landmerk

Lead by example

Niko Schonebaum, teacher of rhetoric and philosophy at the Landmerk Foundation, provides you the means to develop into happy people with a clear understanding of reality, a balanced character and a strong ambition to use your talents and skills for noble purposes. Two archetypical leaders from history: Socrates, who leads by rationality, and St. Paul of Tarsus, who leads by faith and hope.

Online Seminar Personal Leadership – SOKA – 06-02-2021

Personal Leadership seminar 2021, by Comenius Leergangen

Values create space

Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers, Director Comenius Leergangen, and his son Viktor Gijsbers, will use a case-study to reflect on leadership. The European foundational values help to understand differences and overcome conflicts. The information nourishes and inspires with groundbreaking scientific insights and stimulates ambition, inspiration and responsibility.

Online Seminar Personal Leadership – SOKA – 06-02-2021



The seven habits of highly effective people 2020

Seminar Personal Leadership

Stichting Soka, 2020

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, have empowered and inspired readers for over 25 years and played a part in the transformation of millions of lives, across all age groups and professions.

Glenn Vergoossen will introduce you to the 7 Habits and take you on a journey in an intensive, practical workshop that fits the principles of effectiveness to your situation in both work and private life!

Intrinsic motivation for personal development 2020

Janneke Kuijken is Programme Manager of the European Studies Programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.  She will help you experience the importance of intrinsic motivation for personal development and share her belief that Personal Leadership is key to any organisation in order to flourish and therefore also to any society however small or big this might be.

Personal leadership in diplomacy 2020

Personal leadership in diplomacy by Alexandra Calu, Third Secretary of the embassy of Romania.

She will convey the kind of personal leadership that is needed in diplomacy.

Symposium Personal Leadership by Stichting Soka.

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