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How to resolve the Heart of Conflict

How to resolve the Heart of Conflict

Seminar for couples

How to resolve the Heart of Conflict.
The outward mindset dynamic described in the book Anatomy of Peace,  Arbinger Institute


Content of the lecture & workshop:
We strive to deal with each other in our family and beyond in a meaningful and harmonious way. Yet conflicts and struggles regularly arise in our relationship, in dealing with the kids, in interacting with each other, at work and other places of activity. According to the outward mindset methodology described in the book Anatomy of Peace, the core and resolution of conflicts are always the same.
Instead of justifying our own behaviour and correcting that of others, we can look at the dynamics behind it: Instead of seeing the other person as an obstacle, how can we see them as complete human beings again? This starts with letting go of familiar thinking patterns, prejudices and interpersonal relationships and entering into an I-You relationship with the other person. Only then do we see the other person as a human being and pay attention to their needs, hopes and concerns and connect by being interested.

Together with speaker Marjanke Edeling, we will delve deeper into this outward mindset dynamic. We will gain insight into the theory and tools to play with this. How can we use this at home in relation to each other and our children? But also, how does this affect our relationships? In short, how can we make this theory our way of life?

It promises to be an interesting and interactive lecture, where we will engage in practical discussions during the workshop both before and after lunch. This lecture is suitable for couples, without or with children of all ages. Also for singles, in relationship with siblings, colleagues or friends.
Children and young adults (14 years and above) can participate in the lecture.

Speaker: Marjanke Edeling, mother of 3 (24,22,19), founding partner, facilitator, coach, consultant ArbingerNL, The Arbinger Institute & Partners in Leadership.

The Arbinger institute is the editor of the book Anatomy of Peace.



11:00 – 11:30          Welcome, Coffee & Tea

11:30 – 13:00         How to resolve the Heart of Conflict by Marjanke Edeling

13:00 – 14:00:        Break & Buffet

14:00 – 16:00:        Workshop: The pyramid of Influence by Marjanke Edeling

16:00:                       Take aways, closure and drinks

Teenagers 14+ can participate in the conference and workshop

There is a possibility for day care:
group 1: children 0-4
group 2: children 4-8
group 3: children 8-13

Information about day care: Mollynn
Tel: 0652447347
Email: info@mollynncares.com


Would you like to register as a single or as a couple for this day, with kids or without kids?

Tickets are available on this webpage.

There is also a possibility to follow the full program of the personal wellbeing weekend for women:


Photos and Videos:

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If you wish not to be included in any photos or videos please notify us by sending an email to: SheSustains11@gmail.com
Plaats: Conferentieoord Zonnewende, Tilburgseweg 54 te Moergestel

Information: secretariaat@soka.nl of tel. 06 30 17 52 81


Plaats: Conferentieoord Zonnewende, Tilburgseweg 54 te Moergestel

Aanvang: 11:00

Informatie: secretariaat@soka.nl of tel. 06 30 17 52 81


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  • Van zondag 01 oktober 2023 11:00
  • Tot zondag 01 oktober 2023 17:00

On October 1st 2023 Soka is organising a day-seminar about Resolving the Heart of Conflict, The Anatomy of Peace: by Marjanke Edeling of The Arbinger Institute.  Conference and workshop on the external mindset dynamic.


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