Women's role

zo 7 oktober '18

Women's role


Women's role

Two days of reflecting on Fair Fashion, Women and Creativity


Stichting Soka is happy to announce that it will be hosting the conference on “Fair Fashion, Design, Creativity and Women’s role”, aiming to explore the dynamics, challenges and ultimate goals of Fair Fashion, through the lens of fashion producers and consumer thinking.

The conference will be spread over 2 days:
- Saturday, October 6th: Fair Fashion 
- Sunday, October 7th: Women & Society



Sunday October, 7th Women & Society


Adriana Costantino 
Value of femininity in the life of our common globalized family
(a reading of Mulieris Dignitatem JP II 1988)

Liesbeth van Erp 
Women in religious art 

Olivia Darby
Women making a difference


Friday 21.00 - Sunday 15.00 hr

Conferentieoord Zonnewende 

140,- (students 70,-) Conferences only, 35,- per day
Stichting SOKA, Amsterdam IBAN NL86INGB0005157514 


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Contact persons:

Anna-Sofia Geib 0646988191

José van Dijck 0630175281

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