Personal Leadership 2021

za 6 februari '21

Personal Leadership 2021


Online seminar

Personal Leadership online seminar


Do you want to be more “in the lead” of your life? Looking for your purpose in and your contribution to a better world? Then sign up for the Personal Leadership Symposium!

Be someone who gives direction to his or her life in a meaningful way and who can deal with societal issues. Meet new people, interact and learn more about leadership as serving others and making a valuable contribution to a better world.


Niko Schonebaum, teacher of rhetoric and philosophy at the Landmerk Foundation, provides you as students and (young) professionals the means to develop into happy people with a clear understanding of reality, a balanced character and a strong ambition to use your talents and skills for noble purposes.

The seminar “Lead by example” will kick off with a general session. The goal is to learn something from two archetypical leaders from history: Socrates, who leads by rationality, and St. Paul, who leads by faith and hope. After the general session participants will be given a small assignment in which they apply acquired insight to a concrete case. The assignment will be either to give a speech or to write a letter. At the end of the seminar we will listen to several of the assignments and share feedback and insights.

The Landmerk Foundation offers education to young people that is based on a sincere and optimistic vision of the person and is aimed at broad and deep intellectual growth. In terms of content, it's all about the big questions and it usually takes the form of practice in correct and clear reasoning, speaking and writing.

Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers, Director Comenius Leergangen, invites you – as aspirant European leaders - to reflect on leadership. The presentation on a case-study will be followed by interaction with the public and evidence that inspiring leadership is needed. The case-study will make clear that the European foundational values help to create a vision, dare and responsibility that open up space for understanding seemingly conflicting situations and for working towards their solutions.  The information nourishes and inspires with groundbreaking scientific insights and stimulates ambition, inspiration and responsibility.


Caroline Richelle, Press Officer at the Representation of the European Commission in The Netherlands, will give a presentation on “Personal leadership and communication in a European context”. Caroline will refer to her professional experience in Media & Strategic Communication in The Hague and Brussels and will discuss the importance of taking cultural and language differences into account.



10.45 check in 

11.00 Introduction, Margriet Krijtenburg

11.05 – 13.00 Niko Schonebaum, Landmerk

13.00 – 14.00 lunchbreak & online networking

14.00 Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers & Victor Gijsbers, Comenius Leergangen

15.30 Caroline Richelle, European Commission Representation, The Hague

16.15 Debat & Closure


Moderator: Margriet Krijtenburg, European Studies Programme, The Hague University of Applied Sciences


Registration: Secretariat SOKA, Concertgebouwplein 17, 1071 LM Amsterdam Tel. 0630175281, email: 

Place: Conferentieoord Zonnewende, Tilburgseweg 54, 5066 BV Moergestel

Costs: free or donation Kamalini project, women in the lead


Payment: IBAN NL86INGB0005157514, Stichting SOKA, Amsterdam.