Europe seminar 2017

za 28 januari '17

Europe seminar 2017


Europe Seminar


Saturday 28 January Europe seminar:


European Union cooperation, learn from the past and look ahead!


The European Union is being challenged: tensions at the external borders (Russia-Ukraine), migration, terrorism, Turkey, populism and euroscepticism, etc. Interestingly, the original thoughts on the European integration project can be of great use for today's Europe. Its principal architect, Robert Schuman, has a lot to say to us and so do the other Founding Fathers. His frame of reference promotes European solidarity within and beyond European borders. A paradigm shift seems to be needed. But, what does this entail and is this a good option?!

Questions like “More or less Europe?” “Continuation of EU-enlargement also beyond European borders?” “Differentiated integration?” “Schuman’s frame of reference still accurate?” ”How to regain the trust of the citizens?”and about the many current issues like migration, terrorism, climate change, populism, Brexit, Ukraine, will surely provide a lively discussion!   




Professor Dr. Frans Alting von Geusau, Em. Professor European Law at Tilburg University and Leiden University:
will refresh the key insights of the beginnings of the European unification project that brought the longest period of peace ever on the European continent.
History of the European Integration Project 
A lecture by Prof. Dr. Alting von Geusau about the European Integration Project - Questions and Answers

Professor Dr. Jaap de Zwaan, University Professor European Law Erasmus University Rotterdam and lector European Integration at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS):
will then introduce the challenging times the EU is experimenting these days and speak about the need of differentiated EU cooperation. 


Dr. Piotr Perczynski, Lecturer Public Administration at the European Studies Programme of THUAS, and former Vice-Ambassador of Poland to the Netherlands:
will show how the present crisis of the EU is touching upon one of the key elements in its foundations and identity: solidarity. Are there any lessons to be learned from the experience of Polish Solidarity movement of the 1980s? What does it have in common with solidarity in today's Europe?

Dr. Margriet Krijtenburg, Lecturer and researcher at  European Programme of THUAS did her doctorate on “Schuman’s Europe. His frame of reference” (Leiden University):
She will highlight the topicality of Robert Schuman’s frame of reference for Europe today.
A lecture by Margriet Krijtenburg (The Hague University) about Robert Schuman and the foundation of the European Union.

Zahra Mousavi, LL.M. Lecturer at International Law Programme of THUAS and former staff at Iran United States Tribunal:
will give her insight on the Syrian Mass influx migration in Europe.



Academics and others will give their insights: The introductions will be 15-20 minutes each and be followed by a 15-20 minutes discussion.


Musical intermezzos and a delicious European lunch will accompany the Symposium.


Programme Saturday 28 January

10.30   Doors open, Registration & coffee
11.00   Welcome: Mr. René Guldenmund
11.10   Prof. dr. F.A.M. Alting von Geusau
11.30   Question time 
11.50   Prof. dr. J.W. de Zwaan
12.10   Question time 
              followed by lunchbuffet
14.00   Dr. Piotr Perczynski
14.20   Questions from the public 
14.40   Dr. Margriet Krijtenburg
15.00   Question time 
15.10   Mr. Zahra Mousavi
15.30   Question time
15.50   Musical intermezzo
16.00   Debate with public
16.20   End
Moderator: Mr. René Guldenmund 

René Guldenmund is an international lawyer, specialised in the implementation and enforcement of EU-law. He was a researcher at the Faculty of Law at Utrecht University and worked for many years as a senior legislative lawyer at the ministries of agriculture and economic affairs in The Netherlands. Currently he is a member of the delegation of the Holy See in several international organisations and works on a thesis about the freedom of religion (“God in Public Space”).


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Schuman: "The European spirit signifies being conscious of belonging to a cultural family and to have a willingness to serve that community in the spirit of total mutuality, without any hidden motives of hegemony or the selfish exploitation of others.”